A podcast normalizing mental health
with real, unfiltered conversations

Hosted by two friends with ADHD

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Feel mad about feeling bad about feeling sad?

Let's kick down the doors to face the big, fat elephant in the room - mental health with unfiltered conversations. We're young, badass Asian American women with ADHD who are fed up pretending to be fine, so here’s to cutting the crap.

Grab a coffee and join in on the laughs, the cries, and everything in between as we share our authentic experiences and struggles working, adulting, and occasionally fucking around through our 20s.

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Hey! It’s me, Nelly! So, you’ve stumbled upon our spicy little podcast and you’re curious about the who, the why, and maybe the where. My philosophy on life is to 1) not give too much of a fuck about the trivialities of life 2) laugh! it’s going to be awhile and 3) make shit happen. Born and raised in NYC, the candor and bluntness cuts through like a knife; educated in sunny California, I reek of liberal progressiveness ready to dismantle the oppressive structures in place and #fuckcapitalism

In my free time, I enjoy writing (working on a book coming out 2021), reading specifically about philosophy, psychology, feminism, business, technology, and the occasional classics. I love storytelling and making bad jokes to make people laugh. I fall easily in love with bookstores, museums, and parks - the soft-spoken souls of cities. I enjoy traveling to countries and learning different cultures, however contrary to most I LOVE being on flights and plane food.

A defining trait - I tell it like how it is, and with these guiding values, this podcast was born with the aims to challenge the status quo of the taboo-ness of mental health in a conversational and sometimes entertaining way (and be a resource because not everyone can afford therapy, shit is expensive, but DISCLAIMER! this is NOT professional advice just our FUN experiences :))


What's up?! It's Juno, and you're the bomb for being here. I am painfully aware of the passing of time and make most life decisions impulsively. Taking risks, contributing to the world, and exploring fun experiences together are what I believe makes time meaningful. I dropped out of college and moved to Denver for a few years, where I discovered rock climbing and modeling are pretty cool. I lived in SF last year to stop working remotely, only to discover I can't sit still in an office for more than a couple days. I made reckless decisions and amusing stories, but it's chill - I'm confined to my home with family in NYC now.

Being forced to do nothing indoors started uncovering a shitload of repressed emotions and psychiatric discoveries. For a long time, I never cried alone and believed I didn’t have emotions (I know, stupid). I am unconsciously terrified of being vulnerable with myself (yay repressed emotions!).

Well, I finally cried alone this year, multiple times. It's great. And I want to share my vulnerable, authentic self to encourage you to do the same. It's not just okay, it's necessary to acknowledge your emotions and struggles. I'm adapting my passion for exploring new ideas and experiences to exploring the emotions we've tucked away from ourselves and others. I want a world where it's okay to be seen. And to get there, we all need some honest connection and support. This podcast was created in hopes of tackling this, and I’m happy af to have you with me :)

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